Looking to Bet on Cricket? These are the Best Cricket Betting Sites

To people outside of India cricket is sport, but to us Indians, it is more than that, it is a religion. Nothing brings out our emotions like a game of cricket does, especially if we have placed a bet on it. Read on and you will find out all you need to know about online cricket betting.

The Different Markets Available on Cricket Betting Sites

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There are so many different cricket betting markets available that getting bored of gambling is just something that never happens. Furthermore, as there are so many cricketing events happening throughout the year you will always be able to satisfy any gambling needs that may arise. For instance and convenience you can find updated information on www.cricket-betting.org.in/.

For instance, the Indian Premier League, Cricket World Cup, and The Big Bash are some of the most eagerly anticipated limited overs cricketing events in the world. When it comes to the test format, there is one competition known as the ICC World Test Championship. This started at the beginning of August when England began their Ashes campaign against Australia. Between now and 2021, each team (nine in total) will face six other teams in a series of matches, meaning you will never be short of cricket to bet on.

A favourite market for those who love to bet on cricket is the match winner. In the 20 or 50 over format of the game, odds for a stalemate are never given to customers as they happen so rarely. However, bookmakers will provide customers with odds for a draw in the test format as they occur much more frequently.

cricket winners cricket winners

When cricket bettors are feeling a bit risky, they will usually try to make predictions about who will be the top run scorer in the match or who will bag the most wickets. This might be a tricky market to predict, but the rewards are great should your prediction come true. A great tip to keep in mind when trying to predict what batsman will score the most runs in a limited overs match is to go for one that opens the batting or comes in at the fall of the first wicket. This is because these players get to bat when field restrictions favour the batting side and have the chance of facing the most deliveries. When trying to predict the bowler that will pick up the most wickets, you should go for one that bowls at the death (bowls the remaining overs of the innings) as batsman are usually just looking to score quick runs so they care less about losing their wicket.

More popular markets include player of the match, the toss winner, the team that will score the most boundaries, the team that will get to ten runs the fastest, and whether a team will score above or below a certain number of runs.

With in-play live betting you can find markets such as who will be the next batsman to lose his wicket, how the next batsman will be dismissed, how many runs will be scored in an over, and whether a batsman will score a 50 or a 100.

Tips to Remember before Visiting Online Cricket Betting Sites

To win a bet you obviously need a certain amount of luck, but you can improve your chances of winning if you heed the following fantastic tips.

Always Check the Weather Reports

The weather conditions obviously have a say in all outdoor sports, but cricket is easily the most affected. This is because the weather will affect how the ball plays off the pitch. For instance, when it is overcast and grey it is highly likely that the batting team will have to try and cope with extra swing and seam movement. However, once the sun comes out, this extra movement will disappear, and the batsmen will find life to be much easier.

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Anyone that has watched quite a bit of cricket will know that play is stopped if it starts to rain. This is because it becomes harder for the bowlers to grip the ball when it is wet and harder for the batsmen to see the ball, making it too dangerous to carry on playing. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see a one-day game get completely abandoned or a few days wiped from a test match due to the rain. Therefore, before you place a bet, always take a few minutes to read some weather forecasts. This will help you determine whether it is worth betting on a particular match.

Always Do Your Best to Analyze the Pitch

The pitch also has more of an impact on the outcome than in any other sport. This is what you need to know:

A pitch that has a green layer of grass on it will be of assistance to the fast bowlers, meaning batting won’t be so easy. When a wicket has a green tinge to it, the team that is lucky enough to win the toss will never usually hesitate about bowling first.

A pitch that is lacking a covering of grass and looks yellowish in colour will usually be a great one for batsmen to bat on. When a wicket has these characteristics, the team that wins the toss will usually always bat first.

A pitch that is dry and has cracks on it before play has even began is one that is very well suited to spin bowling. These cracks will only get worse as the game progresses, meaning that the team that has to bat last will have the worst of the conditions.

Therefore, before you place a bet, try to find out as much information regarding the pitch as possible so that you can get some sort of understanding as to how the match will unfold.

These Are Some of the Best Cricket Betting Sites for Indians

Gambling is mostly illegal in India, but we are still able to bet an astonishing $60 billion a year on sports thanks to some great cricket betting sites that allow those living in India to sign up with them.

When you are trying to decide what online betting site you want to sign up with there are some things that we recommend you always look out for:

Top level security: You should always make sure that the bookmaker you are interested in is in possession of an SSL certificate as this proves that strong encryption is being used to protect everyone's personal data. If you don't see any evidence of an SSL certificate, then you should deposit your hard-earned cash elsewhere.

online security online security

Easy to sign up to: The entire signing up process should take no more than 5-10 minutes. If you find that it is taking much longer than this, you really should consider closing the page and looking for another bookmaker.

Great customer support: It is very important that a bookmaker has a customer support team that can provide their customers with precise and quick answers. They should always be happy and ready to answer any questions that a customer may have. Before signing up with a bookmaker you should consider asking them a question using one of the contact methods. If they are slow to reply or give an unsatisfactory answer, don't deposit your money at the site.

Best Betting odds around: Odds will always vary between betting cricket betting sites, so you should make an effort to read some odds comparison sites to ensure that you are getting the best odds for your money.

Below you find a list of bookmakers that are great for those of us living in India. They all come equipped with great odds, a wide range of markets, and quality bonus offers.

  • Betway sports
  • Dafabet
  • 1xbet cricket
  • Betiton
  • Betfair
  • 22bet
  • Royal Panda
  • LeoVegas
  • Unibet
  • 888sport
  • Sportsbet.io
  • Spin Sports

All You Need to Know about a Deposit Bonus

The world of gambling is a very competitive one, so bookmakers need to provide enticing promotions in order to ensure that they get a constant flow of new customers signing up with them. One such promotion is a deposit bonus, which is sometimes known as a welcome bonus. As the name implies, it is a monetary bonus that is given to new customers when they sign up and make their first deposit with a bookmaker.

The size of this bonus will depend on the bookmaker you decide to sign up to, but most will have no issues about matching the first deposit that you make. So, if you happened to deposit 1585.54 Indian rupees (20 euros), you will be given a free 1585.54 Indian rupees.

Betting with indian rupees Betting with indian rupees

However, you need to keep in mind that certain T&Cs apply. These are known as wagering requirements and mean that you must bet the bonus money that you got a number of times before withdrawal is made possible. So, if 5x wagering requirements are in play and you received 1585.54 Indian rupees, you must bet 7927.70 Indian rupees before withdrawal is allowed.

These requirements might sound like a pain, but they are a necessary evil as they prevent people from singing up to a bookmaker, withdrawing the free money, and never returning.

The Common Free Bets That You Will Encounter Regularly on Indian Cricket Betting Sites

A deposit bonus is a free bet, but you will be happy to hear that there are two other common free bets that bookmakers will offer their customers regularly. These are a qualifying free bet and a risk-free bet.

The former is a bet that you need to qualify for, and this is done by placing a bet on a certain market. Once you have qualified, you be rewarded with an in-play bet that is often to the same value as the original wager.

The latter is a bet that loyal and regular customers are often given. With this type of bet, you cannot lose any money because if you make a wrong prediction, all your stake will be returned.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to one of the aforementioned bookmakers so that you can start making use of some fantastic free bet options.